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Pilates reformers at Fitness Directions Falmouth, MA


We are a fully equipped classical Pilates studio offering private, semi private and small group sessions. Pilates is a movement system designed to strengthen, stretch and balance the body without putting stress on the joints and ligaments. If you are just starting out with Pilates, we encourage you to book a private 30 or 55 minute session for an initial session/ consultation.

What is Pilates 

Developed by Joseph Pilates in in the early 20th century, classical Pilates  has stood the test of time as a method to improve one’s posture, ease back pain , increase core strength as well as overall strength and flexibility. All of the Pilates trainers are comprehensively certified meaning they have thousands of hours of training, teaching and observation. 


We offer open studio time for our experienced clients as well as teachers visiting the area. Working with your Pilates teacher is optimal, however we understand that schedules don’t always permit this. 


$20 drop-in/ hour


1.  You schedule “Open Studio Time”, based on our open studio availability, over the phone, on our website or in person.

2. When you arrive, we will set up your equipment with a follow along video for your workout, or you can do your own workout.


1.  The sessions are 40- 60 minutes, but I would plan on an hour in case you need to pause the workout.

2.  Reservations are required

Pink Ribbon Post Operative Workout on Cape Cod

Jana Faiky, our founder and head pilates instructor is a Pink Ribbon certified Post-Operative Instructor. This pilates-based program for breast cancer survivors helps reduce changes or recurrence of cancer. Contact us to ask more about it.

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