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Fitness Directions reformers at Falmouth


With Open Studio you'll get access to our main classroom and garage classroom as well as all of the equipment needed to catch up on a missed workout or to follow your own training program.


Scheduled Classes, Small Groups and Personal Training sessions occurring during open studio take priority in terms of use of equipment and space during the entirety of the session. Available classrooms may be limited during peak times of the day. 

Open Studio Packages

VIP Members get unlimited access to Open Studio as a part of their membership. All other members and guests can purchase drop-ins or open studio packages a la carte:


Drop-in: $20

5-pack: $75

10-pack: $150


  • You are not required to sign up in advance for open studio 

  • You must check-in at the front desk before beginning your open studio session

  • Please practice safe exercise while participating in open studio

  • Classes, Small groups and Personal Training sessions get absolute priority of space and all equipment

  • Please be mindful to share space and equipment with other members attending open studio

  • Please wipe down and put away all equipment after use

  • If there is a class or training session going on, open studio members will not have access to the stereo system, please bring your own headphones and music with you.

  • If you are sharing a space with a personal training session, please be careful not to make loud noise and be disruptive. 

  • Please refrain from talking on your phone while working out in the studio. You may come into the lobby or step outside if you need to take a call.  

  • Guests can drop-in to the open studio as long as they are accompanied by a member at all times. 

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