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Falmouth Spinning Class at Fitness Directions


Learn more about each of our class offerings and the small group training opportunities we offer here. Click on the button below to see this months class schedule.



A fitness/pilates class that combines the best of pilates mat-based exercises with body weight exercise standing work and stretching for a total mind-body workout experience.


The ultimate cycling experience fueled by upbeat music and trainers that guide you through a journey including drills, intervals, and hill climbing that challenge you to your fullest potential. Online reservations are highly recommended. Limited to 10 participants.


Designed for EVERY LEVEL of fitness. You’ll be sure to have fun while you get stronger and leaner in this cardio/strength class! We take it outdoors as much as possible, weather permitting.


Our high- intensity interval training is a fun and intense 45-minute workout that exercises certain muscle groups in short intense bursts.


A mixture of elements from Pilates, Yoga and functional training. You’ll use the barre, weights and other props to sculpt, tone and stretch your entire body.


A calorie torching, full body workout that focuses on building strength and endurance while offering a lot of variety and modifications for all fitness levels. 


A total body workout incorporating strength work by use of free weights and other props. with an added cardio element. The program changes regularly to keep the class fun and unpredictable.


This calorie burning class will cover all your cardio, strength and core bases! 3 minutes of cardio alternating with 1.5 minutes of strength training/ core work. The trainer will always give variations for you to adjust to your specific needs.

Small Group

A great way to get a personal trainer while saving money is with groups of 4-6 participants so that sessions can be fine-tuned to meet your specific needs. We are constantly adding new small group training series to our schedule the series. Here are some of our most popular


A progressive beginner or intermediate running program to prepare your mind and body for an upcoming race or just for fun! Whether you need the motivation to start your training or the direction to enhance your current training, these programs will fit your needs.


A 4 week series that delivers a unique and fun, full body Pilates workout. Chair workouts improve strength, stability and flexibility as well as improve any imbalance, refine movement, and provide variety and challenge. This series is limited to 5 participants.


This series will take you through the classical order on the reformer.
Additional apparatus and mat exercises may be included as well. Limited
to 3 participants.


A monthly series designed to strengthen your entire body using free weights, barbells, and more. You will challenge yourself and get the results you’ve been looking for. This series is limited to 4-6 participants.


Enhance your Mat work by adding the Tower into your session. The Tower improves your strength, stability, and flexibility. They also correct any imbalance, refine movement, and provide variety and challenge. This series is limited to 4 participants.


Build strength and community with this series of feel good workouts for you and your little one(s). As a mom of 2 young children herself, Grace understands babies and
toddlers can be unpredictable so the motto for this class is “anything goes”. Classgoers may jump in/out of workout as needed.

Book a class today

You can book a class on our site or through the Mindbody App.

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