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FD is a fully equipped classical Pilates and fitness studio offering private, semi private and small group sessions.  Pilates is a movement system designed to strengthen, stretch and balance the body without putting stress on the joints and ligaments.  Developed by Joseph Pilates in in the early 20th century, classical Pilates  has stood the test of time as a method to improve one’s posture, ease back pain , increase core strength as well as overall strength and flexibility All of the Pilates trainers are comprehensively certified meaning they have thousands of hours of training, teaching and observation. They have completed four intense written exams as well as three rigorous practical exams in both teaching and personal practice. They all attend continuing education, practice Pilates regularly and take lessons from a master trainer.

Personal training is perfect for anyone looking to work beyond their comfort zone and stay on track with their personal goals, given the guidance they need to work safely and effectively.  Our Fitness Trainers have a minimum of 10 years of experience and have passed both written and practical exams from Nationally recognized organizations. All of our trainers remain on the cutting edge  by attending continuing education courses  and taking classes regularly at our studio.

Private and small group Pilates and/or Fitness Sessions are by Appointment. Please call or email the studio to schedule

Best Pilates on the Cape! I would never go any place else. The staff is so knowledgeable and accommodating!


Fitness Directions Hours

Mon-Thurs 8 AM-1PM
4 PM-7PM
Fri-Sat 8 AM-1 PM
Sun 8 AM - 11AM
Mon-Thurs 8 AM-7PM
Fri-Sat 8 AM-1 PM
Sun 8 AM-11 AM


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