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Join us at the FD Barre and  be prepared to build a strong core, improve your posture an balance and build long, lean muscles. Barre classes are a mixture of elements from Pilates, Yoga and functional training. You’ll use the barre, weights and other props to sculpt, tone and stretch your entire body. It’s a great addition to any fitness regimen, come try!


Circuit Training:

Circuit Training is a calorie torching, full body workout. This class focuses on building strength and endurance while burning fat and calories. This class offers a lot of variety and modifications for all fitness levels. You will utilize all muscle groups in this full body workout!


Cardio Intervals:

This calorie burning class will cover all your cardio, strength and core bases! 3 minutes of cardio alternating with 1.5 minutes of strength training/ core work. The trainer will always give variations for you to adjust to your specific needs. This Class


Fit Camp:

Fit Camp is designed for EVERY LEVEL of fitness. You’ll be sure to have fun while you get stronger and leaner in this cardio/strength class! Fit Camp will take place outdoors if weather permits. When the temperature drops below 40 degrees we take the workout inside.


Open Mat Class:

This Classical Mat class is designed for the experienced Pilates student to drop into class. We don’t expect you to be an expert; however you must have completed our beginner series OR have taken Pilates before and are familiar with the basic exercises. If you have never take Mat Pilates before, this is NOT the class for you. Join Dee as she coaches and assists you through the classical Pilates Mat work. Her amazing cues and encouraging voice will surely get you to work hard safely and effectively!



Our Spin classes give you the ultimate indoor cycling experience. They are fueled by upbeat music and every trainer will guide you through a journey including drills, intervals, and hill climbing that will challenge you to your fullest potential. We will always set you up properly on the bike for this low impact but high cardio workout. Online reservations are highly recommended. Limited to 10 participants.



Step is a cardiovascular workout that focuses on coordination with fun combinations using the step platform! Every week you’ll learn new step routines to upbeat music that will be sure to make you sweat. This is a multi-level class because YOU determine the step height and variations will be given. Shuffle, turn, and L-step your way to a healthier you!


Total Tabata:

Tabata is a high- intensity interval training workout discovered by Japanese scientist Dr. Izumi. Our Total Tabata class is a fun and intense 45-minute workout that exercises certain muscle groups in short intense bursts. Students work for 20 seconds, then have a 10-second recovery period, repeating the exercise 8 times before moving on.



Our TRX Suspension Training classes allow you to use your body weight as the resistance. You can make this work out as easy or as challenging as you like! The class is broken down into strength and stretch portions and we might throw a few cardio exercises in too!




I can’t find anything like this over the bridge! I love fd and I’m going to miss you when summer is over


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