#FDFit Member of the Month

January 2018: Paul Devito

A text went out to all the FD trainers requesting Member of the Month nominations for the month of January. Grace was the first to respond and elected Paul Devito. The responses that followed were, “YESSSSS!”, “YASSSSSSS”, “Our little cannoli”, “Yes yes yes please”, “Agree…100%, “Paul has my vote”. It was unanimous. As it was such an enthusiastic yes, we decided to do things a little differently this month and have each trainer write a few sentences about Paul.
Lori says “Paul always lets me know how long Saturday spin class is ’45 Lori 45!’ he says. In spin class, he loves “Jumps” and “one more song!” He always meticulously puts the bikes away after class with a smile. So thrilled he is member of the month. Well deserved.”
Inga says, “Paul is always smiling, it seems the tougher the workout, the bigger the smile! He never complains, is always willing to lend a helping hand and has an infectious laugh! Like Lori said, he meticulously puts the bikes away after each class with a smile. So glad he is the member of the month!”
Barb says, “Paul is a friendly, happy go lucky, kind hearted, hard working guy who always makes time for his scheduled workouts. He’s always up for an FD challenge…MM, planksgiving…he’s a staple at FD..not seeing him spinning on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday is unlikely”
Grace says, “Paul is the best! He loves lasagna, dancing, and of course spin class and WE LOVE HIM. When I was pregnant, he was always checking on me, asking how I was doing and would insist on putting my bike and weights away for me. He and Linda got me the sweetest card and gift for baby Jane. Although he never quite understood the March Madness rules, he did everything he could to not let his team down. He wrote “SPIRIT” next to his name for the entire month of March and it always made me smile.”
Jana says, “Paul is dedicated, committed and loyal. This is evident in all aspects of his life with his family, his work and his workouts. We all know his fd workout schedule and we’re concerned if he’s not in class. He greets everyone with a smile, works hard in every class and likes to bust people’s chops from time to time too. “He’s Linda’s little cannoli and watch out if Paradise by the Dashboard Light Comes On”

February 2018:

Are you the next #FDFit Member of the Month? Who will it be?

The #FDFit member of the month is someone who exemplifies the mission and values of Fitness Directions. This person inspires, encourages, and supports their Fitness Directions peers. They may have reached a personal goal, challenged themselves in some way, and/or remained committed to their health and wellness.


Fitness Directions staff members will deliberate each month to decide the most deserving candidate.


The #FDFit Member of the Month will receive a personal BIO on our website, Instagram and Facebook page. They will also receive a credit of $50 on their FD account to use toward any service or item.

 December 2017: Stacy Tavares
     Our December FD member of month is a woman of many talents, Stacy Tavares. She doesn’t let anything get in her way. Stacy started taking classes at FD in December of 2014. As we approach her 3 year FD anniversary we honor her as our FDfit member of the month for the diversity and determination of her FDfit journey. She has taken every class we have to offer at the studio. She started with TRX and moved onto spinning, barre and weight room workout. She is not afraid to step out of the box and has also participated in specialty classes like cardio dance, total tabata, circuit training and more. Stacy recently added pilates small group training to her workout routine, making modifications as needed.
     Stacy participates in the craziness of March Madness where her competitive side shines and she works hard as a team player to earn as many points as she can each week! She is a picture-perfect planker for FDPLANKSGIVING! She has completed a few of our FD 30 day challenges and even includes her family, friends, coworkers and even fur babies into her fitness challenges! Stacy is currently prepping herself for knee replacement surgery in January and is making her health and fitness a top priority so that she is in the best possible shape to take on a speedy recovery.
     In addition to being an active member of FD, Stacy is a wife, mom to Matthew, a few doggies, and the most amazing gardens that she is endlessly working on. She certainly has her plate full with a full time job but knows how important it is to take care of herself and makes time daily to fit in her workouts. We love having her around FD as she is always encouraging and friendly. She brings positive energy, good vibes, new faces, and the MOST AMAZING pudding shots to all our FD celebrations!

November 2017: Nanci Pacheco

November member of the month is Nanci Pacheco, our FD fitcamper phenomenon. Our favorite part of our FD fitcamp program is the camaraderie. It’s a committed, inspiring, hilarious group of people. It’s hard to wake up at 5:45am, but this group makes it a little bit easier and we have people like Nanci Pacheco to thank for that.

This is Nanci’s third year attending our fitcamp series, and she doesn’t miss a beat. She signs up for each consecutive series, not letting anything get in her way. Here at FD, we believe in order to live a fit and healthy life; consistency is key. Nanci is a great example of making fitness a lifestyle for long term success. In addition to attending early morning classes at FD four days a week, she also participates in Curling Club, enjoys kayaking and runs 5ks! Nanci knows how to have a good time; she loves spending time with friends and family (watching the Patriots of course)! She doesn’t take herself too seriously, even dressing up as Mrs. Potato head one year for the Screech at the Beach 5k! You’re lucky if you get Nanci Pacheco on your FD March Madness team, as she crushes her goal number of classes and has fun doing it!

                Nanci must be a morning person because there isn’t a day she doesn’t show up to class smiling. She doesn’t complain and whine with each exercise; she listens to her body and tackles each challenge that comes her way. She even lays her work out clothes out the night before so there are no excuses. Nanci, we love having you in class and we’re looking forward to many sunrises to come!

October 2017: Janet Fuller

When  we  think of Janet two word come to mind… NO LIMITS! Janet has been a member at Fitness Directions since we opened, and a dedicated workout client of Jana’s Lori’s and Heidi’s from way back in  our “gym” days and Menauhant Yacht club workouts!. She has taken and participated in almost all the classes FD offers. She doesn’t let anything stand in her way of achieving her health and fitness goals. Janet makes an two hour plus commute every day to and from her full time teaching job in Hingham at Derby Academy where she is a valued and dedicated educator.  She always manages to fit in her weekly workouts, whether it be doing Russians during Pilates Series,  Bench pressing during Weight Room Workouts or Getting her legs straight and right under the barre during  Barre class, Janet is always willing to try something new. She is fully committed to staying healthy, young and fit!

She attends every class with a positive , hard working attitude and strives to challenge her body while reaching  or exceeding  her own fitness goals, no matter what her day has entailed. Janet is a kind hearted, encouraging and supportive person who extends complimentary comments to  her fellow FD participants and trainers making us all feel appreciated and noticed, which is one of fd’s missions.  Others look to Janet as an inspiration to continue working hard at their own personal fitness goals.

You will not see Janet taking it easy on herself or accepting a pass on any challenge. She will take herself out of her comfort zone in order to pass through the plateaus in her workouts. She embodies all that Fitness Directions strives to empower its clients to accomplish and does this with grace, determination and success!

Her fitness and drive are also apparent outside of the studio as she and her husband, Win, work tirelessly in their yard landscaping yielding both beautiful flowers and vegetables.She is an accomplished cook and dedicated Mother and Grandmother making every holiday a huge event creating beautiful memories for her family and friends as well

We are fortunate to have Janet as part our FD family and so proud to call her our FD fit Member of the month!


August 2017: Deb Sedares

Deb  started working out at the studio in 2014, taking the early morning fitcamp classes! She was getting into her workout groove when she had an unfortunate fall and broke her patella. After a few surgeries and physical therapy, Deb was back at the studio ready to get back on track. She was to determined to work hard with a personal trainer and to do whatwever it would take to reach full recovery after her injury. She’s always consistant and is fully dedicated to her workouts. She never complains and is always willing to accept any challenge she is given, in order to challenge herself and to reach her full potential, even if that means lifting a heavier weight or doing a few more repititons. Along with her weekly personal trainings, you can find Deb challenging herself in a spin/TRX class or in her weekly Weight Room Workouts. Deb always goes the extra mile and follows through on her commitment to meeting her health and fitness goals!

This winter, when Jana was filling in for Inga, Deb came into her personal training session with  some back tightness/soreness. Jana suggested a Pilates session . It seemed that this was a missing piece in Deb’s workout routine, so she now takes weekly sessions with  Jana ( an Inga as her workout partner!). We love that Deb is so comitted to her health and wellness and doing all she can to look and feel her best!

In addition to her workouts, Deb is a kind hearted , thoughtful person… Always thinking of others. We are fortunate to have Deb as part of our FD family, bringing her postive energy and hard working attitude to all her workouts!

July 2017: Kristin Bennet

Kristin Bennet came through the doors of FD mid-March of this year. She was greeted by Lori Lopes, who was basically living here for our March Madness competition. After chatting for a minute, Lori convinced Kristin they were close enough friends that Kristin should write LL next to her name for her first private (points for Gonzaga!).  Kristin had no idea what she was getting herself into, but she made that first step and didn’t let fear get in her way. Not even Lopesy’s aggressively friendly behavior could scare her off.

The mother of three signed up for an 8 pack of personal training to get started.  She worked with Jana and Grace, trying different types of training from Pilates to strength training.  In April, she signed up for Physical Therapist’s Suzanne Joyal’s Pelvic Floor Workshop and series. She also started taking our group fitness classes! Her first class was Step and Sculpt with Jana and from there tried Circuit Training, Spinning, and Barre. She continued with privates to keep her accountable, focused and strong but incorporated classes throughout the week as her busy schedule allowed.

She is now currently enrolled in Lydia’s Running Group.  Kristin has made health and fitness a priority in a gradual and healthy way.  She didn’t let fear or ‘life’ get in her way and we applaud her for that. Kristin spends her days taking care of others.   In addition to being a loving mother, she works night shifts as a nurse.  There’s a quote emphasizing the importance of self-care that states you cannot pour from an empty cup. Kristin is a perfect example of this. She looks great, stands up taller, smiles brighter, and is there for herself in order to be present for her family. Thank you for choosing FD and we anticipate that next March, you will be the aggressively friendly person looking to score those extra March Madness points!


June 2017: Our WHOLE FD Family! 

Where were you 10 years ago today? I was opening the doors of Fitness Directions for the very first time at it’s original location, 200 Worcester CT. Looking back, I never thought FD would turn into what it has today, filled with such accomplished, strong and loyal members who have become a family.


     Throughout my years of experience in the fitness industry, I observed a large population of people who wanted to exercise, improve themselves and be healthy but did not feel comfortable in a gym setting. Even in my own experience when I began practicing Pilates, it was challenging starting something new and trying to be successful. I felt overwhelmed at first and even a  little out of place, however I had the will and desire to persevere because I knew Pilates was the missing piece in my health and fitness puzzle. I envisioned Fitness Directions as a place where people would feel comfortable and confident; a place where exercise would not be a source of angst and guilt in their life, but instead a positive release. My peers, mentors and supporters all told me that “If you build it, they will come”, so that is what I did! I was both excited and nervous to share my vision with the world, but the decision I made 10 years ago has brought so many positive experiences, relationships, and successes into my life. I have built a community of supportive, healthy people that truly care about one another’s successes. I have acquired the the most educated and experienced staff, who are also compassionate, caring and committed to our members. My mission statement from 10 years ago, “to provide a warm, welcoming environment with the best trainers in the area” still holds true. The trainers and I benefit so much from the kindness and support that you have given to us personally and professionally. I’ve been told many times that “Your vibe attracts your tribe” and you’ve all proven that at FD.


     Taking a leap of faith and opening my own business, starting my Pilates journey and eventually becoming certified by PeakPilates, and building a family at FD is what I believe makes me #fdFIT. We celebrate the fact that being #fdfit means something different to all our members. We love that March Madness (you love to hate it) has given you the push to try new things. That you’re always willing to challenge yourself. We love running road races with you, laughing and crying with you, celebrating victories with you, and watching lasting friendships develop inside our doors. These are all things I feel so fortunate to be a part of.

So tell us, What are you #fdFit for?

Is it your improved golf game? Is it that you have been successful in relieving and avoiding back pain? Is it trying new things that help you crosstrain for your sports? Is it starting Weight Room Workout to help prevent osteoporosis? Is it the new friends you’ve made in class? Give it some thought and write it down for us! We want to hear what you think makes you #FDfit.


Thank you for believing in us, for believing in yourself and for working hard to be #fdfit!


May 2017: Wendy Murphy

As a small, year round business in a seasonal community; we rely on word of mouth to keep our doors open. Referrals are our greatest compliment because it means you trust us enough to share your experience with friends, family and neighbors. For the month of May, we’d like to recognize a FD member who has referred more wonderful, loyal people than anyone else: Wendy Murphy! She is an encouraging, positive light around the studio and we are so grateful that she chose us as her health and fitness haven. Although she comes to FD to break a sweat in classes like Spin/sculpt, barre, and circuit training; she doesn’t stop moving when she leaves the studio as she typically bikes here or walks into town for errands after class: what an inspiration!
Wendy loves a good challenge. This year, Wendy was a participant of Planksgiving, and March Madness. Planksgiving was perfect for her as she is so creative- not to mention a picture-perfect planker! Her team for March Madness received friendship bracelets at the championship potluck because they were so supportive and close with one another. Wendy couldn’t make it to the party- but made sure to send thank you gifts and face time her team mates which is a great example of the kind of friend she is. Around the studio, you can find her offering to laminate anything in sight, eating an orange, or sipping from her water bottle rigged with a wine cork stopper.
It’s fitting that we chose Wendy Murphy for the month of May as it is the month of Mother’s Day. She is a beautiful, strong mother and grandmother! She has been a great role model to her daughters, teaching them that staying active and healthy is the key to a happy, vibrant life. The girls have certainly followed in her footsteps as they come to classes smiling when visiting on the weekends.

Happy Mother’s Day Wendy- We Love you!

April 2017: Luke Vose

It takes many of us a few days, sometimes weeks, to recover from the craziness that is March Madness. (Hence why we are so late in honoring our April member of the month J) So for April- we’d like to shine the light on someone who didn’t let March Madness affect him whatsoever, Luke Vose. We actually don’t think he knew he was in the competition for the first week or so. After receiving texts from his teammates Lopesy and Meg McArdle, he knew he was in over his head but just kept swimming.

He met his goal number of classes per week consistently, sometimes cutting it close by squeezing in that last spin class on Saturday.  Luke is a busy guy; juggling about 5 jobs from landscaper to real estate agent to rock star (new job title of father this August!). Although he always has something on his to-do list; he makes his health and coming to class a priority. One weekend he even took the early boat back from the Vineyard after playing a show with his band Crooked Coast the night before just so Lopesy wouldn’t have his head.  Although TRX and P90X are his favorite classes, he has learned to love spinning- especially Inga’s Monday night Spin/Core class. He even took a Pilates mat class with Dee for an extra 15 points and loved it!

Due to his already busy schedule, Luke didn’t have much time to dedicate to our March Madness competition. He knew he had to earn points somehow so he took advantage of his network of friends and family in the community and racked up the referral points. Luke also flies the FD flag around town in his Planks a lot Tee, and his new March Madness long sleeve.  We appreciate Luke’s support, positive attitude, and hard work! Congratulations Lukie- we love you!

March 2017: All our March Madness Competitors!

Fitness Directions’ members of the month are all the competitors in this year’s MARCH MADNESS! A special congratulations to our champs The Cinncinnati Bearcats: Rose Moran, Amy Thrasher, and Cynthia Beaudoin! Second places goes to The Nuns; Kathy Scala, Peggy Ekholm, and Karen Philipino. Gonzaga (Lori Lopes, Meg McArdle, and Luke Vose) came in third place! Congratulations to everyone who achieved their personal goals and had fun while doing it!

February 2017: Ellen Venditti

     Ellen Venditti is in the midst of her second year working out at Fitness Directions. She is a dedicated client who attends weekly Pilates sessions. Joseph Pilates is quoted as saying, “The mind when housed in a healthful body possesses a glorious sense of power”. Ellen is a true testimony to this statement. She has shown tremendous growth with her Pilates practice and continues to push her limit each week. Ellen not only works hard each session, she takes this determination out the door with her each week and continues to find success within her daily life.  Joseph Pilates’ dream was that one day the principles of his revolutionary technique would be practiced and applied to all forms of movement, transforming the way we think about and move our bodies; Ellen is helping to fulfill this dream. Not only does Ellen give a 100% each week she encourages newcomers to the class.
      In the beginning of January, Fitness Directions added beginner classes to the schedule to help new clients ease into an exercise routine and existing clients try something out of their comfort zone. Ellen is a participant of not one, but two of these beginner classes: TRX and Barre. Ellen has not only seen her body change with this new active lifestyle but also her mind. She has a new sense of self and confidence that has opened doors to new exciting opportunities. She recently marched in the Women’s March and said it was something she would have never done before making exercise a priority in her life. It just goes to show that there is more to fitness than just physical health. It will change all aspects of life; allowing one to live life to the fullest.
We are so proud of you Ellen!
Happy Birthday and keep moving forward!
     January 2017: Kathie Nutting

     A theme we are focusing on for Fitness Directions this January is Goal Setting. We are encouraging all FD members to reflect on 2016, and set specific, measurable, realistic goals for 2017. With that being said, we chose Kathie Nutting as our first 2017 member of the month because she is a great example of someone who sets goals in order to stay focused and accountable. Kathie has been working out and crushing goals at FD for over 6 years. She practices Pilates with Jana and also does a lot of biking. Her Pilates sessions make her biking experience even better, because they focus on stretching out her hips and back as well as strengthening her core so she doesn’t “hang” into her handlebars. One her goals was to be able to perform Swan on the barrel. When Jana first proposed this to Kathie, she responded with a reluctant , “okay” as she couldn’t imagine being able to do it because she was so tight. We progressed slowly and now this is an exercise that she does every session and does it well! We continue to set goals and progress because Kathie always trusts herself and the Pilates system to get her to the next level.

      There are days when Kathie isn’t feeling her best, however she always puts her full effort in, knowing that as in the words of Joseph Pilates, “Change happens through movement, and movement heals”. She doesn’t let these days define her, rather she and Jana make adjustments to her routine on those days.

      Along with making pilates a priority in her life, she makes an effort to live a healthy lifestyle outside of Fitness Directions as well. She goes for long bike rides, kayaks, spends time with her family and volunteers. She loves to travel and while some plan their vacations around sipping cocktails in the sand, Kathie always tries to make room in her itinerary for active adventures! In doing so, she has experienced the landscapes of many beautiful places by bike and foot! What an inspiration! She is an interesting person with many stories to tell and a joy to have around the studio. Kathie, we are so proud of you for living life to the fullest and being a dedicated member of our FD family! Never stop setting goals and exploring!

December 2016: Candy and Paul Dimond

There are many reasons why exercise is such an important element to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It improves cardiovascular health, muscle and bone strength, functional abilities, as well as many other physical qualities. However, we sometimes dismiss the effect exercise has on our mind. Exercise has proven to better many other facets of life through improving mood, productivity, sleep, nutrition and self esteem. It can also be used as an activity to build or improve positive relationships with your family and friends. This month, Fitness Directions would like to acknowledge a couple who greatly demonstrates how to use exercise to better yourself both physically and mentally; making it a priority in their lives and relationship.

     Candy and Paul Dimond have been working out privately at FD for many years. They value the time they are able to set aside each week to focus on themselves. Candy started at the studio taking a variety of classes such as Barre, TRX and Intervals. As her work and personal life made it harder to commit to a schedule, she found it more convenient to begin personal training because she was able to optimize her time and work on her specific goals at times that fit into her schedule. Eventually, Paul joined in and they have made it something special that the two of them can do together. It is a blast to train the two of them because they are always having fun, and they love to challenge each other. Even when they come in feeling tired or overwhelmed, they are always so positive and open for a great workout. If you see them around the studio, be sure to ask Paul about his signature TRX exercises: the PD push ups and the Flying Squirrel.

Congrats, Candy & Paul! It is such a pleasure working with you both. Happy wedding anniversary & thank you for being our “Fit Couple of the Year“ 🙂

November 2016: Pat Nagy

As we’ve discussed who the next member of the month should be over this past year, Pat Nagy’s name has come up a few times. We all believed she deserved it for being the loyal client that she is. She comes to class consistently, shows her support on social media,refers clients and participates in all our challenges and events with enthusiasm. She’s strong, supportive of other members, and certainly exemplifies the mission and values at Fitness Directions.  However one of our mottos at FD is “Don’t Hold Back!” and we felt there were some areas where she was holding back…..  until now.

      Pat recently made a HUGE life changing decision to leave her full time job in order to make room in her life for a more happy & peaceful way of living. You can see that a weight has been lifted off her shoulders, and her smile is so genuine. She has already taken on a new job that makes her face light up when she talks about it, which is something we have not seen of her in a while. We love seeing her excited about this new adventure and it has really made a positive impact in her life.

     As a part of Pat’s quest in finding happiness in her life, she agreed to run a leg of the Cape Cod Marathon with Fitness Directions this year. Running used to be such a large part of her life and she used to find such joy in the sport. More recently, she has lost touch with this part of her and it has been very difficult for her to enjoy running again. Pat completely stepped out of her comfort zone by joining one of our 2016 relay teams, and she wasn’t holding back!

     As she prepared for her first official race in many many years, Pat’s legs were shaking with nerves, her belly full of butterflies. The fear of race day had almost gotten the best of her. She embraced the fear, took a deep breath, had faith in her supporters, and did it anyway. Pat absolutely crushed the 5.7 mile run for her team, The Tortoise and Her Hares.

     This same approach is how Pat has taken on all the changes in her life. She has made huge strides outside of her comfort zone and is creating a more positive approach as she moves in the direction of living the new life she is meant to have.  

     One of the most rewarding things we see as trainers, is people becoming stronger in all aspects of their lives. We’ve all been waiting and encouraging Pat to make these changes in her life and to consider participating in a race again. We knew competing in a race would mean more to her than just the miles and hitting the pavement. We knew that this would open a host of more doors for her. We are excited to see where these doors lead her and look forward to cheering her on every step of the way.


 October 2016: Brigid Moran
     The staff at FD chose Bridgid Moran for October member of the month for a few different reasons: her amazing progress she’s made physically and mentally over the last six months, and her positive attitude and energy she brings to every class. She’s also referred a few new wonderful people to Fitness Directions. On top of these qualities we love in a client- October is the month she’ll don a beautiful white dress and marry the love of her life. So in honor of this day, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on how far she’s come. After proposal, brides often start sweating for the wedding in order to fit into the dress of their dreams and look their best for the big day. We believe this was Brigid’s plan when she began waking up at 5 in the morning to join her fellow fitcampers back in March. Although she has certainly lost weight and inches, she has also earned a glowing face and muscles to match. To put it simply, she just looks happy and that makes us happy. We have only seen this from an outsider’s perspective- so we contacted her close friends she has referred here and asked them for the scoop on Brigid: how she convinced them to join, what they love about her and lastly, any advice for her big day.
     Brigid’s friend, Ashley Theriault, joined FD fitcamp in June.  Ashley has known Brigid from birth and describes her as a loyal, fun smart ass. She appreciates Brigid’s relaxed demeanor as it balances her out. Ashley didn’t need any convincing to join her for FD’s fitcamp; Bridgid’s results were reason enough! Brigid looked and felt so great- she wanted to follow in her footsteps!  Ashley’s advice for the big day is to not blackout or fall!
     Katie Collette joined Fitness Directions in late May after Brigid recommended fitcamp as a great way to stay in shape with a busy schedule. Katie describes Brigid as fun, supportive and inspiring. When we asked Katie how Brigid has changed over these past 6 months, she responded “Besides the obvious -the new smoking hot bod, I think Brig has a lot more energy, willpower and an overall good outlook on life!”  Her advice for the newly weds is to never take each other for granted, always remember why you fell in love, and don’t forget to flirt like it’s your first date!
     The trainers at FD are so proud of you Brigid- you have really proved yourself to be #fdfit!! We can’t wait to see what you accomplish in the years to come as a married woman! Enjoy every moment this weekend as you celebrate love with those you love most!

September 2016: John Saari

     The staff at FD nominated John Saari as the September fdfit member of the month for so many different reasons. He is the perfect client: showing up early, paying on time, and coming consistently to class. He is also so welcoming to new comers- you often see him helping others with their bike set-up, and encouraging them to continue. John knows where to find the toolbox in the studio, and is always quietly maintenancing our spin bikes without even being asked. He is known around here as the smiling spinning sensation but we’d like to give him the spotlight he deserves as he has accomplished so much – from being in the Army for nearly a decade, to being a Grandpy to 5 lucky little ones.

At 75 years young, John Saari has lived a full and varied life. He served in the United States Army for 9 years reaching the rank of Sargent First Class E-7. After leaving the army, he went on to work as a union carpenter in Florida. After moving back up North, he went to school at Worcester State College majoring in urban studies with a concentration in Federal Housing programs. He then worked for Winn Development, and after became the V.P of construction for a Custom Home Builder. In the early nineties, he received his master’s degree in Project Management from WPI. In 1997, he accepted a position with New Orleans Housing Authority, where he lived for 3 years. He moved to Falmouth in 2000 and currently owns a consulting business that provides housing rehabilitation services to many cities and towns in southern Massachusetts.

John found Fitness Directions in his quest to stay healthy as he has always been advocate of exercise and fitness, even during his dark days abusing alcohol. He has come a long way since then, logging many miles of running and even competing in triathlons with a team called the TRI pigs. With a history of arthritis in his family, and seeing it as well as a sedentary lifestyle affect his family first hand; he is dedicated to respecting his body through exercise. John’s favorite class at FD is Thursday night spin. The participants have become his close friends. As instructors, it is our greatest pleasure to see clients connecting and supporting each other each week. It is exactly the environment we hope for at FD and we have members like John to thank for that, always lending a helping hand or a listening ear.

Although he is no longer racing, he plans to try racing again next year! We are looking forward to seeing John accomplish more goals and make more friends at FD in the years to come! WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU JOHN!

August 2016: Emily Kelldnorfer


Emily has been a member of Fitness Directions since May of 2014. She joined the early morning Fit Camp program with her friend Sarah not knowing what she was getting herself into! It’s been exciting to watch her grow and challenge herself as a participant. Emily is now an active FD member, comfortable attending classes on her own (without a friend), tries exercises and workouts that seem challenging and new (making modifications as needed), and is always one of the first people to sign up for the next series. She is a joy to have in class, always smiling and supporting others.

In May of 2016, Emily joined FD’s couch to 5K running group, completely pushing herself out of her comfort zone. During one of the runs, Emily hurt her ankle. Her injury left her with a decision: she could quit the group, concluding that she wasn’t cut out for running, or take care of the injury and figure out a way to listen and work with her body. We were so proud of her decision to take care and listen to her body, but continue with the group and work towards her goal of completing a 5K. She took a few days off and cautiously but optimistically resumed her running series. Her walks progressed to jogs and her jogs progressed to runs and she moved forward and completed her 5K with her group!

It’s not about whether you are the fastest, or the fittest, it’s about taking small steps to a better you. Emily is the FDfit member of the month because she exemplifies this sentiment. She wakes up early to workout with her fellow fitcampers, runs when she can and inspires us all to take small steps to our own personal goal.

  July 2016: Lori Lopes

Lori Lopes, A.K.A. Lopesey, is by far one of the funniest and most entertaining personalities in our FD family. Her quick wit and assortment of costumes bring laughter and joy to the studio every single day. She welcomes and encourages every person that walks through our doors at FD and leaves a lasting impression on her peers. In fact, whenever she does not make it to a class, it does not go unnoticed and everyone wonders where she is. We can always count on her to recognize and commend others for their achievements, no matter how big or small and for that, we are so thankful.

Even though Lori juggles a busy life of family, grandkids, several jobs, etc. she is always so eager to step in and help out if needed. She began working for FD a couple years ago and has been an irreplaceable asset ever since. Her ability to “do it all” is another reason why she is such an inspiration. Rather than make her busy schedule an excuse, she always finds a way to make it to classes each week, run a 5K every month, try new things outside of her comfort zone (come take a spin class with her and you’ll see what I mean) and staying committed to herself and her personal health and wellness.

Recently she achieved a long term goal of hers when she celebrated her 50th birthday by participating in the Susan G. Koman 3-day Breast Cancer Walk, in honor of her mother. Most people create groups and walk together, but Lori arrived alone, shared her positivity with many groups and made friends along the way!

Lori is a reminder to all of us that in this crazy thing called life, we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously. We appreciate her ability to inspire the rest of us to live in the moment. Thank you Lopesey for your unconditional love and support of the studio and of your peers and for reminding us that laughter is the best medicine! If we ever need an Easter Bunny, Slinky the Dog, a human Christmas Tree or an Oregon Duck we know where to find one!!

June 2016: Kathy Scala

Kathy has been a loyal member of the FD family since before we opened our doors in 2007. You’re probably thinking “How is that even possible?!”. Well, Kathy began taking classes with Jana at a local gym in falmouth when Fitness Directions was still just a vision. When Jana moved into her first FD location, just one reformer in the corner of a gym, Kathy became one of her first Pilates clients! Now, years later and a couple new studios later, Kathy remains one of the most loyal members of our FD family.


It has been such a pleasure getting to know and working with Kathy over the years. She is strong, courageous, inspiring, tenacious and very kind. When she began her Pilates journey it was part of her rehabilitation from a ruptured Achilles Tendon. As she healed, she cautiously added more activities into her routine. When Jana opened FD in 2007, she became an active participant in all classes, but especially loved FitCamp and her private Pilates lessons. In 2010,  Kathy was diagnosed with breast cancer. Through this tough time, she had to step back from her workout routine for brief period. As soon as she was physically able to get back into the studio, she was here and right back on track. There were many times when Kathy could have, justifiably so, given up, but she came to class with a smile on her face and worked through it all. Her perseverance, strength and courage kept her going and she continued to make strides towards her health goals.


In June 2015, Kathy celebrated 5 years cancer free with her family and friends at a private barre party here at Fitness Directions. The celebration was a testament to how loved Kathy is by so many and how much she has positively impacted the people in her life, including everyone here at FD. Her intuitiveness and kindness are some of the things that we love most about her. She is constantly encouraging her peers to not give up with a wink, a smile and a hug when you need it the most. Outside of class you’ll often see her quietly picking up after everyone at one of our FD events, organizing a FD “field trip” for one of her workout buddies birthdays or special events, or working her butt off for the top spot during march madness competitions. It’s no wonder why she has become such an irreplaceable asset to our FD Family.


Kathy, thank you for everything that you do for Fitness Directions. We are so inspired by you everyday. You truly are #FDFIT.


In celebration of her wellness and to give back, Kathy and her friend Peggy will be participating in The Pan Mass Challenge on August 6, 2016. Pan Mass is an 84 mile bike ride from Wellesley to Bourne, in support of the Dana Farber Institute. If you’d like to make a donation to support them, please contact them directly or you can make a donation by way of E Gift, in cash or check. Details below:


Kathy Scala’s- E Gift # KS 0229

Peggy Ekholm – E Gift # ME0095



If you or your company has interest in donating, the tax ID for PMC is 04-2746912

The link is http:/www.pmc.org/emsclient/html/PDF/PMC501c#.PDF

May 2016: Ruth Johnson 

What better person to choose as our May FD fit member of the month than the mother of FD Ruth Johnson! Ruth has always made exercise and healthy eating a priority in her life! I remember exercising with her in the living room with Jack Lalanne and drinking skim milk way before it was in vogue! Ruth contracted polio at age two which affected her foot and lower leg and resulted in several other operations on her healthy leg as well. She didn’t allow this to inhibit her and she tried all sports and activities. She did them all but found that skiing and ice skating were too difficult due to the balance required. I remember being in a baby seat on the back of her bike and tooling all around Brockton. No helmet, a rickety seat and when she stopped she would have to lean the bike to the side because of her leg length discrepancy, with me and my little waist strap on. I would have thought I would have been traumatized by that, however biking outside is one of my favorite activities. Ruth plays golf, tennis and participates in a variety of classes. She doesn’t make excuses, just modifications. Ruth has been a role model to so many of her family, her friends and peers. She was also an unstoppable force in this year’s MARCH MADNESS competition! She tried her first spin class at the age of 84!! She consistently hit her goal number of classes each week and represented Team Indiana with PRIDE!


-Fitness Directions Staff

APRIL 2016: Susanne Lalacheur

Susanne Lalacheur, A.K.A Suzy Marathon, has been a member of Fitness Directions for over 6 years. When she first joined FD, she regularly came to Pilates Reformer privates with her friend, who then encouraged her to try other classes and begin running before their sessions.

Believe it or not, when Susanne first started, she needed a little coaxing to get out of her comfort zone and start trying other types of formats and classes. Now, we all know Susanne as a Super Spinner, Terrific TRXer & a Race Ready Runner. 

However, running wasn’t always easy for Susanne. A jog to the beach and back before her Pilates sessions used to be a real challenge for her. That is why she is such an inspiration to all of us here at FD and in the community as she prepares to run her very first marathon at the Boston Marathon later this month with her charity team through Boston Children’s Hospital.

Although Susanne may not know the impact she has on her community, being a 7th grade teacher, a High School Cross Country Coach, and a part of our family here at Fitness Directions, she has become one heck of a role model. She lives a healthy lifestyle, finds ways to incorporate fitness into her busy schedule, and challenges herself while perusing her goals.

We are so happy that Susanne found Fitness Directions and we are very lucky to have her as a part of our #FDFit Family.


MARCH 2016: March Madness Competitors

Our #FDFit Member’s of the Month for March are all of our hardworking and dedicated members participating in our annual March Madness competition.  It takes a lot of heart to participate on a team, and each and every one of you deserve recognition. Good luck to all the teams, and congrats for working towards a new fitness goal this month! YOU ALL ROCK!

And a special congrats to our March Madness CHAMPS Lori Lopes, Amy Thrasher, and Susanne Lalacheur!!

MM CHAMPS picture

FEBRUARY 2016: Sheila Mastriano
Sheila Mastriano has been a member at Fitness Directions since the day we started our first Fit Camp that met at the Teaticket Elementary School in 2008.
Over the years, Sheila has faced many obstacles that could have allowed her to discontinue her workouts with us. However, she remained committed to improving her health, and each time she was physically able to rejoin the group, she was back. Even though there are days that she feels like she can’t keep up with the planned workouts, she never makes excuses for herself and always does what she can do.
Sheila is one of the most friendly people that has ever walked through our doors. She comes in every time with the biggest smile and a positive outlook. Without even realizing it, she has inspired all of her fellow FitCampers to be the best they can be as well.
Sheila also brings camaraderie to the studio. She makes everyone feel welcome, she makes us laugh with all of her comments, and we are especially thankful for her keeping her sister, Rose in line.
Sheila makes us appreciate our personal capabilities that allow us to take steps in becoming the strongest, happiest and healthiest we can be.
-Fitness Directions


 JANUARY 2016: Michelle Austin

Michelle Austin began her health and fitness journey with Fitness Directions when we first opened our doors in June 2007.

As one of our first members, her initial goal was to stay healthy and avoid injury. Because she had experienced some injuries do to exercise in the past, she started very cautiously with private Pilates appointments. Her physical strength and confidence has blossomed over the years. Now, Michelle has become one of our strongest, most committed Pilates students at FD!

As the studio grew, so did Michelle’s interest in other activities. Michelle enjoys spin classes (especially during march madness!), barre classes, Weight Room Workout, and she also trains privately with Lori Haley working towards some new strength training goals she has made.

In addition to her success with us at Fitness Directions, Michelle challenges herself outside of our doors. Two years ago, at the age of 59, Michelle decided to run Falmouth Road Race. She trained both at the studio and on her own and with the encouragement of her friends and family and she completed her first Falmouth Road race in 2014!

Michelle’s health and wellness is very important to her. She constantly challenges herself, she challenges her trainers to help her set and achieve new fitness goals, she eats a balanced diet, she visits her doctor for routine exams and she makes time for her family and friends. In the summer you may see Micelle sailing in the bay with her husband Tom. Ask Michelle about her three children and you’ll really see her face light up 🙂

-Fitness Directions Staff